tank raider

Sunday Studios proudly presents Tank Raider! Available now in the App Store.

Tank Raider


Tank Raider throws you into a world where only the fittest survive. You compete against three opponents, harvesting precious gems from the land which are then stored at your secure base, however is anything truly secure? Resources are scarce and these are desperate times: your opponents will attempt to raid your base and claim your gems as their own! As the old adage states: the best defense is a strong offense!


Tank Raider plays out across three beautifully illustrated levels:

– Deep in the heart of the amazon jungle

– The harsh and barren plains of the desert

– The sprawling icy alpine tundra

Your Opponents

Tank Raider pitches you against three human-like AI controlled opponents. Tank Raider’s AI features sophisticated analytical algorithms that adapt to your reactions. When you encounter an enemy in Tank Raider they portray an almost human like emotional response. If, for example, the enemy has collected a stash of gems, they are less inclined to pick a fight with you, instead they will skirt around the trees trying to avoid you. If, however, that same enemy has recently spawned and encounters you well, depending on how frustrated they’re feeling, they might just pick a fight with you for the hell of it! At this point if a third enemy turns up they can see you guys are involved in a brawl and think to themselves … well if these guys are going at it I wonder who’s protecting their base…….

Control System

This is it, this is the big one. At Sunday Studios we recognize that the control system of an iPhone app will make or break the app. Tank Raider’s control system has been designed from the ground up to be as simple and intuitive as possible. You move your tank by touching it with your finger and drawing out a line across the terrain, the view scrolls as you move your finger towards the edge of the screen, this allows you to a) plan your route through the terrain b) have a look around to see if there’s any sign of danger nearby.  As soon as you start drawing the path the tank will begin to follow your route. At any point you can change the destination by drawing out a new route with your finger.

Engaging the Enemy

Combat in Tank Raider is simple matter of tapping on what you want to attack. Your tank is equipped with an automatic targeting system, once a target is selected the turret will lock on and open fire. Your tank will maintain the lock and continue engaged the enemy even if you decide to take evasive action. The targeting system is programed with just one directive ‘it absolutely will not stop …. ever!’


You have to battle against sophisticated human-like AI, who have the same military hardware and firepower as yourself …. so how do you get an edge? Fortunately, throughout the course of each round, Tank Raider provides you with an assortment of tactical power-ups.

– Red star, gives you super bullets and allows you to crush your enemy during battle.

– Yellow star, increases your speed, assisting your escape!

– Green star – replenishes your health, gives you the edge when harvesting gems.