Xcode 4 + SVN … the fix!

I, like many other iOS developers have installed XCode 4.2.x and encountered all sorts of problems using SVN (and probably the same goes for GIT). When using the organiser window you will be confronted with ‘Host is unreachable’ every time you try to access your repository. Or a little red light next to the repository, which you know means there’s going to be trouble.

If like me you turned to the internet for the answer, you may have gotten lucky and your SVN now works. However you may not, and your SVN is still broken. You may have even ask yourself, this is a computer program whats luck got to do with it? That is a very good question.

The reason that some people have got it working is that there are two parts to the puzzle. Some people already have one of the parts setup and when you perform the second part hey-presto SVN works again. Enough jabbering onto the fix.

Close Xcode if open.

In Keychain Access remove all of the certificates relating to your SVN server (keys and certificates).

Next open Safari (has to be Safari) and visit your server, for example I’m using VisualSVN so I type  https://myserver:8443. You will be presented with a certificate screen, edit the certificate and tick on ‘Always trust’. Then click ok.

Now at this point in Xcode when you look at your repositories you will see a green light, however you will not be able to access your repositories. This is because you only have a certificate to access the server and not SVN.

So lets create a certificate to access SVN. Open a terminal, and type

svn list https://myserver:8443/path/to/repo

Depending on your SVN setup you will need to modify the line above. When you hit return you will be asked for a password, this is the password for your SVN account. Enter your password and press return.


Run Xcode, enter the organiser window. You should see a green light and the history from your repository. Everything should now work. This fix probably also works for GIT (untested).


On with the iPad version of Tank Raider…

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