What’s going on at Sunday Studios

Hi everyone,

First of all I must appologise for the delay in getting the Tank Raider update out the door. Weirdly I have completed most of the difficult work. After the release of Tank Raider I decided to take a little break from the coding, my estranged girlfriend was once again happy to see me! I’ve also been putting a lot of time and effort into buying a flat. Not to mention I’ve been incredibly busy with my day job. Things have calmed down a little, we’ve finally completed on the sale of our flat and work is a little less frantic. The cold winter nights are drawing in, this is of course perfect conditions for coding!

Tank Raider plays so much better with the improved physics and collision. An after effect of upgrading the physics is the gems gained physical properties, so you can push them around the map, you can even shoot them, so you can do things like shoot a gem away from an enemy who’s about to collect them. This small (accidental) change really adds a lot fun to the game play. At the moment the AI get’s a little confused when you shoot the gems away from them, however this shouldn’t take much effort to fix. I think once I fix the AI, I will release the update. I haven’t done a iOS4 version as of yet, mainly because I don’t own an iPhone4 🙂

I thank you all for your patients and kind emails of support.

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