Hi everyone,

So we were having a great time, Tank Raider has been featured on the App Store and we’ve entered the top 50! At the same time we’re busy working on cool new updates – things couldn’t be better.  However we have run into a bit of a problem. Last night Sunday Studios HQ (my flat) was broken into and the thief has taken the mac book and accompanying iPod touch!

This, as you can imagine, has caused a small setback as some of the new code was sitting on the laptop!  Code I had yet to check-in.  As the programmer, I would appeal to the thief who has taken the laptop to hand it in, so that we can deliver to all you Tank Raider fans the cool new features you have been clamouring for! In the mean-time I have started to re-write the missing code.

Sorry about this guys but it’s going to push the deadline out a little. Please bear with us, we’re trying to get the update out as soon as we can.

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